7 Tips for Enjoying the Farmer's Market in the Fall

As the leaves begin to fall and everyone turns their attention to pumpkin-spice-everything, peak farmer’s market season is just about to come to a close. During summer in Chico, Ca, there are three different farmers markets that take place throughout the week. The most popular is the Thursday Night Market. Anyone who's lived in Chico at any point has been here; it attracts Chico locals and Chico State students alike of all ages and backgrounds. Thursday Night Market successfully blends local farmer’s booths, restaurants of all types, musicians and street performers, and local businesses together on a very bustling Broadway every Thursday night. Truly, the whole town enjoys it!

The catch? The Thursday Night Market takes place only in the summer time, from early April to late September.

However, just because the most popular farmer’s market has come to a close, doesn't mean that the days of strolling by mountains of delicious, organic, and local produce, with a fresh bouquet of flowers in one hand, and the juiciest strawberries you’ve ever tasted in the other, are gone. Chico still has the Saturday year-round farmer’s markets.

Located on Downtown Chico Municipal Parking Lot on 2nd and Wall St, Chico’s Saturday Market is open from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm every Saturday, rain or shine! As the weather transitions, take this time to adapt your farmer's market activities to the changing season, and try new local foods that you might've missed out on, had you skipped the farmer's market all fall and winter long.

1. While the last few hints of summer linger, savor the last of the juicy stone fruit, fresh summer berries, and beautiful sunny days while they last.

2. Veggies veggies veggies! Prepare ahead of your trip by checking the Certified Chico Farmer’s Market’s website, where they feature the produce that is in season and the participating vendors. Vegetables like potatoes or fruit like squash are much more likely to be offered during the colder months.

3. Stop and smell the produce. Don’t streamline it straight to your favorite vendors and settle into routine. With the changing seasons, the types of produce you're exposed to are guaranteed to change too. Look around for things you've never seen before, never heard of, or never considered. Make a plan to bring new produce home each week. The farmer’s market has many unique treasures that might have you asking, “Where has this been all my life?”

4. Don’t worry; just ask. If you come during a time when the crowds aren’t thick, talk to the farmers. You might get some good conversations, nice deals on produce, or great new recipes. If you aren’t sure how you could possibly fit something like kabocha squash into your next meal, chances are the farmer who grew it would know exactly how to use it.

5. To get the most enjoyment out of your fall farmer’s market morning stroll, dress in comfortable, warm clothing. The market might go on rain or shine, but you don’t want to be caught in the rain in sandals. Especially with the inconsistent Chico fall weather, it is important to be prepared.

6. Some people who come to Chico develop allergies even if they've never had them before. It's no wonder, as a city of trees, that the sniffles will come with the territory. Give those allergies the boot by buying local honey from the farmer’s market asap Get it by the jar full, tiny-bear full, or by the straw-full. Tip: check out the mini-bears full of local honey from bees that pollinated sage. They are so cute!

7. Pumpkin Obsessed? They've already started selling sweet pie pumpkins at the farmer's market. If you happen to find them, then pick one out, and try your hand at making your own pumpkin spice __insert yummy treat here__. It isn’t truly fall without it. Puree your own pumpkin and include it in your favorite fall treat.


1. Check out www.Chicofarmersmarket.com to earn more about the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market

2. Go to www.downtownchico.com/events/dcbaevents/tnm to learn more about Thursday Night Market.​

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