Lima's Rainbow Veggie Bowl

Lima’s Rainbow Veggie Bowl is the ultimate healthy comfort food that's perfect for keeping you warm and satisfied throughout fall and winter. With red, orange, green, and purple vegetables, this contains almost all of the colors of the rainbow, and truly packs some great health benefits along with a heck of a flavor. This is a simple and delicious recipe that can even be made ahead of time and warmed up for lunch or dinner for a few days after.

It's important to get as much variety in your diet as possible in order to get the full spectrum of nutrients. Eating colorful fruits and vegetables is a great way to diversify your diet and ensure that you are getting what you need on a regular basis. Making it an intention to include as many colors of the rainbow into your diet is also a great way to encourage you to try new fruits and vegetables as well as learn the benefits that each color may provide.

I love getting as much purple food onto my plates as possible! We have been using the purple potatoes all summer, so it was only natural that we would use it for this dish too. Purple fruit and vegetables are high in antioxidants due to anthocyanin, which also causes its pigmentation. In addition, studies have shown that purple foods can reduce blood pressure.

For this recipe, we switched out the potato for a purple potato and added in a purple sweet potato. We also added Brussel Sprouts.

Now for the good part: