Bruno's Secrets for Maintaining a White Gi

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we sweat. Between warming up, drilling techniques, and rolling with partners, your gi can soak up quite a bit of sweat. If you don't wash your gi between classes, it can collect bacteria and odor that can cause your gi to become discolored and smell unpleasant. However, maintaining your gi can be a challenge. If you don't wash your gi right, it can shrink or get damaged. Check out our tried-and-true methods for maintaining a clean, odor-free gi.


The secret ingredient to a bright white gi after months or years of use white vinegar. Add a cup to your wash in addition to your normal detergent or just pour it in if you like to live dangerously. Vinegar helps keep both whites and colors looking vibrant and new and helps to get rid of odor and any bad germs that might've worked their way into your gi.

Wash After Every Class

Wash your gi as often as possible. If you roll in it, and you can wash it, do it! That means for most of you, every time. There aren't many reason why you wouldn't be able to wash your gi regularly, unless you have roommates who think the washing machine doubles as their dresser. Washing your gi after every class is considered best practice, because skipping washes may lead to unpleasant odors even before you work up a sweat in your next class. You don’t want to be that person.

Shine On

If for some reason you can’t wash your gi, then definitely hang it out in the sun. Hanging your gi out in the sun allows the gi to air out and prevents foul odors from moisture retention.

Stay Fresh

Be clean in general; practice good hygiene all around. Take showers, wash your clothes, put on deodorant, brush your teeth, you know, the works. Overall, that’s a nice thing to do.

Say No To Dryers

Don’t put your gi in the dryer! Other than possibly running the risk of shrinking your hundred-some-dollar gi, and looking like teenager that just hit their growth spurt over summer break, I’ve always been taught that putting clothes in the dryer was the easiest way to ensure a stain does NOT come out. If your gi is looking a little brown, don’t bake the stain in. Instead, wash it again, and invest in some Oxyclean.

As Good As New

If you’re gi is looking a little too discolored, invest in a new gi. Who doesn’t like new gi’s anyways? There are some great new gi’s available these days with some really great cuts and designs. If you find that white gi’s aren’t your thing, then go for another color. Black gi’s are an awesome alternative. It’s still best practice to maintain any color gi the same way you would a white gi. ​​